Moverz Meetup

8 - 9 PM EST

Monday April 19th on Virtual United

A Moverz Media networking meetup on a new virtual event platform. A refreshing change from Zoom!

How to Join

No download is needed. You will need to be using a computer (no mobile devices or tablets).

  1. Close Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets and other video streaming apps

  2. Open Google Chrome

  3. Click(or copy paste to Chrome)

*the same as the above link

If you have any difficulties call live support at +1(608) 473-1246 or go to

This event is being hosted on Virtual United.

The Best Parts of In-Person Events in a Virtual Environment

Virtual United is an open space for you to interact freely with others. 

What sets this platform apart is the ability to form conversations intentionally and move around.

Improving Networking Quick Intro


More Features

This event is being hosted on Virtual United! Learn more about how we're revolutionizing virtual networking here

Mobile devices are not supported at this time.

(paste the emoji at the beginning of your name when you first enter the event)

more here

🎼 music​

⚡️ technology

🎙 or 🪧marketing

📸 social media

🌐  networking

🏆 sports

💸 trading/markets

Instructions for fun emoji-networking game

Choose emojis based on topics you'd love to talk about.

When you join the event start a conversation with someone with the same emoji as you, or with what you're interested in.


Start conversations by clicking someone's name card and then clicking