Brookfield Chamber of Commerce

Beta Group Event on Virtual United

1 to 1:30 PM Wednesday November 4th

Get early access and give feedback!

Your first time networking on Virtual United?  Check out the tutorial

Leave feedback and report bugs here

What's New Today: We have fixed all bugs involving streams.

Utilize Profiles and access each other's information(and change the information).

Report Bugs and anything confusing (defined as anything you think does not work correctly) if we have none then we will be close to opening to the public!

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Event Details

Wednesday November 4th 1 - 1:30 PM CT (all times CT)

1 PM - Join Zoom call OR Join Networking(links above)

1:05 PM - Everyone Join Networking(link above)

1:20 PM - Leave Networking and return to Zoom


Make sure to join us to Beta Test Virtual United! 

We will use Virtual United together and talk about our experiences to help the team make it even better for us!

Register for the event:

No tickets are needed for this event! Use the link at the top of the page to enter at the time of the event.

User Guide & FAQ

How to Network on Virtual United

1. Join Conversations

Click Join on the conversations you want to be in

2. Connect with others using profiles

Click profiles to learn more about people

3. Start New Conversations and Invite People to Conversations

Click 'New' or 'Invite' from someone's profile to bring them to your conversation

Screen Shot 2020-11-02 at 9.22.00 PM.png
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For Brookfield Chamber we have live support!

If having trouble:

1. Make sure to close Zoom and other video tools

2. Use Google Chrome and hit Join Networking at the top of this page

3. Fill in information about yourself and click 'Enter'

4. Click 'Allow' when asked to share your microphone and camera

5. Network freely! Contact us with any questions

Our team is available to assist!

Chat us in the bottom right or

use these options to get in touch with us!