Organizer Handbook

We're here to make hosting an incredible event simple and fast.

Intro to Virtual United

We're committed to making it easy for you to host an event, and ensure your attendees have a fantastic experience.

Reach out to us if you have any questions or want to see improvements to this resource.

Primary Resources: Event Landing Page(example here, fill out form here). Event landing page also includes instructions and tutorials for users.


Additional Resources Below:

Messages to Attendees



Set Up Event

Event landing page

Create an event

During the Event

Kicking out attendees

Messages to attendees

Ending event

Connect with Platforms

Using with Zoom

Using at conference

After the Event

Attendee information


Messages to Attendees


Modify our templates to tell your attendees what they need to know in order to have a great experience at the event.

Check out templates here

If you'd like, we also recommend doing a quick video to attendees explaining in your own words why they should join the event on this new platform.


Direct attendees to our detailed instructions and utilize our team for questions.

Instructions are here. Anyone can get in touch with our team here.


Set Up Event

We're happy to set up the event for you if you provide us the information

Fill out this form and we will do everything for you.

Event Landing Page

We will create a custom web page for your event where attendees can learn more about you, as well as learn how to use this platform.

This can customize this to match your branding! (above form)

Create an Event

To create an event navigate to and fill out the information requested. Remember your admin password so that you and your team can have special permissions. You will receive a link to your event.



During The Event

Additional Moderation Settings coming soon

Contacting support

Benny will be standing by, available at 608-473-1246

Kicking out attendees

Coming soon - Kick an attendee out of an event by clicking their profile and pressing 'Kick'

Sending Messages/Alerts to attendees

Coming soon

Broadcasting to all attendees

Coming soon

Ending an event

Coming soon


Connecting with Existing Event

Using Virtual United and Zoom

Use links and your event landing page to connect with an existing event.

1: Links. Your Virtual United event link is all that you need to give people in order for them to join the event. Put the link in the Zoom chat and ask attendees to click and join the networking.

2: Event page. On your Event Landing Page(referenced above) indicate to your attendees when to be on Zoom and when to be on Virtual United

3: Alerts to switch(coming soon). Send an alert(details below) to inform attendees that it is time to switch off of Virtual United

Using Virtual United at a virtual conference

Before, in-between and after scheduled events attendees network freely.

Utilize your event link to tell attendees where to go in between events. Use alerts in Virtual United to tell attendees where to go.

Your Event Landing Page can be embedded in your virtual conference to make it an even smoother transition.


After The Event

Attendee Information and Analytics

Coming soon get registration information from all of your attendees. See data on who was interacting the most and details about conversations.

Feedback so we can make it better

Provide us feedback so that we can make the platform better!

Transitioning from Event

Coming soon - Notify attendees that it's time to switch and end the event on Virtual United