Do organizers get information about attendees ?

Yes. Organizers receive information provided by attendees who enter the event in csv format.

Is there a limit to how many events I can host?

No. Each subscription allows for an unlimited number of events per month. If you want to have more attendees at the same time upgrade your plan. Contact our team with special requests and additional questions.

How do you help first time users participate with no difficulties?

We've curated tutorials designed to give everyone the information they need. This information is easily accessed by attendees. We will provide additional tutorials and trainings at request for no additional cost. We want everyone to enjoy networking as much as we do and will do everything we can to aid first time users and those who are less tech savy.

How can events be customized? Branding + Sponsors

For every event hosted on Virtual United we will build an event landing page for you that is fully customizable. For an example visit a beta test event of ours here. Sponsors can also be prominently displayed on this page. Additional features for customization and sponsorship November 2020.

How does broadcasting to the entire group work?

Organizers(a.k.a. hosts and administrators) can present to the entire audience by utilizing the admin module. This feature is coming soon!

Is a download required?

No download required! Virtual United events can be joined in one click by following a url.

Is this available on multiple devices / browsers?

Desktop and laptop computers running Google Chrome or Firefox provide the best performance on our platform. Mobile devices and tablets are not supported but may still work.

Our instructions and documentation are centered around Google Chrome in PCs running Windows 10 or Mac OSX.

How do I create an event?

After signing up we will provide access to the event creation portal.

Our team is also here to help make sure the event set up is easy and elegant!

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes. Contact us for details.

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