Introducing Virtual United

We're thrilled to have you joining us at an event! Below are resources to get you familiar with the event and be best prepared. These videos are also well utilized in organizer intro videos, on event description pages, and elsewhere to introduce the platform to your community.

See the short description excerpts below.

1. Hype / Short Intro Videos

100 second video

Shows a quick and efficient way to target and connect with others.

45 second video

Short hype of the problems with networking, and promise of Virtual United.

2 minute 11 second video

The tips and tricks you need to hit the ground running at your first event.

2. Video Walkthroughs

View Different Room Options on Virtual United

Facilitate presentations to the whole audience and more.

Attendee Feature Walkthrough

This walkthrough is detailed and walks through what it is like to be an attendee

This is on an old version of the product but still communicates the experience very well.

Attendee + Organizer Walkthrough

This walkthrough goes through the above attendee materials quickly, and then also shows some organizer-only features.

This is on an old version of the product but still communicates the experience very well.

3. How to hype up the platform

The core feature of Virtual United is being able to move around freely and network with who you want to be talking with.

Exact examples of how other attendees have announced events on Virtual United.

Short Description:

Virtual United restores freedom and choice to virtual meetings, giving you full control to move around between small groups. You decide which conversations you want to join to meet attending founders and community members. You’ll see everyone at the event and form your conversations intentionally, unrestricted by Zoom breakouts!

Virtual United is an event platform that brings the spontaneous and free flowing part of meeting people to the virtual world. Virtual United works by giving you the ability to move around between small group conversations. See everyone in the event and form your conversations intentionally, no restrictive Zoom breakouts! Up to you to spend your time talking with friends, engaging with new connections or both!

Designed to be easy to use, live support is also standing by to ensure you have success joining the event.

Stand-alone event:

This event brings back the way you interact at in person networking events through small group virtual conversations. You can view everyone's profile and see the conversations happening throughout the event. Choose to 'walk over' and join a conversation, or ask someone to start a new conversation.

You'll enjoy the liberating ability to choose your conversations and move around the room in the same way you would at a live cocktail party or social hour.

Complimentary event:

Virtual United is an open space for you to interact freely with others and get to know the community [[before/after]] joining us for our featured presentation at [[ex 5PM on Zoom]].

Similar to how we would talk with each other in person [[before getting started/after wrapping up]] this room will be open to mingle and interact with others at the event.

4. More cool things to announce

On Virtual United you can view profile information and attendee's contact information from across the room so that you can always be networking with who you want to talk with!

Virtual United is fun to use! By being able to hop around and say hi to people you can be better equipped to crack jokes and laugh alongside others while people who want to keep it professional are welcome to do so in separate conversations. We also have emojis support.

You can easily connect with other attendees at Virtual United events by clicking their LinkedIn and calendar links directly from the app!

4 Event Format Samples

Host a job fair

Coordinate groups and educational content

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