Event Creation Guide

Step 1: Create an Account

1. Sign Up: Go to app.virtualunited.events/signup

2. Fill out your information.

3. Verify Email

from: @virtualunited.events.
subject: Virtual United Signup Confirmation

Clicking the link in the email should take you here and your account should be validated. If you are having problems at this point, feel free to contact support.

4. Log In: Go to app.virtualunited.events/login

Fill out fields using the credentials created during sign up.

Step 2: Edit Profile

Add more to your profile! Click on the profile button on the left. Set your photo and fill out the fields. Click "Save" to keep your changes.

Step 3: Create Event

1. Click the "Events" button on the right.

2. Click the "Add Event" button.

3. Fill out fields.

Name and Image Required*

*Name: This is the name of your event. Attendees will see this and use it as a way to verify they are at the correct event.
*Image: This is the image that attendees will see and use as a way to verify they are at the correct event. Currently we only accept images below 500 KB. Use a square image.
Presentation URL: This is a link to a video. Typically a YouTube link. It plays at the beginning of the event as a welcome video.

Presentation URL Example:

4. Optional: Edit Event

Click the three dots to reveal the edit option.

Congratulations! You made an event on Virtual United!