Hybrid Events on Virtual United

Welcome Desk/Entry Feed

The Event Host can simultaneously be welcoming in new in person attendees and new virtual attendees.

This can be done by having the welcome desk hooked up to a speaker/mic. The welcome desk account will be named 'In Person Welcome Booth' and will automatically be in the room with the host. That way when someone approaches the setup, they will see the host and the host will see them.

Displaying Speakers to Virtual Attendees

The event host can manually pull the virtual attendees into a presentation room to watch a feed. While the presenters are going, the event host can turn off their stream and present a graphic. This enables for branding for the event and a highlighted focus on the speaker.

This feed should point at panelists/speakers.

Engaging Virtual Attendees in Q and A

When it is time to have Q and A for the speakers, the Virtual Event host can collect Q and A from the group and can ask these questions on their behalf to the speakers. Alternatively, the virtual event host can allow Particpants to come on stage and ask the event host the questions themselves.

Interactive Games

The best way to engage all audience members both virtually and in person is to have a game that involves the content of the event and is accessible to everyone. Preferably there are also teams of some kind.

Kahoot! Is an interactive game platform that enables everyone at both the in person and virtual event to join on their phones and to play along with an on-screen game.

Networking / Open Room Shots

For networking between in person groups and virtual attendees all we need is a station for networking that exists in person, and an instruction card. When these stations are not in use, they will present an open view of the virtual room to the in person audience.

The instructions should say:

To network with the virtual group:

1. Click the profile icon in the upper-right part of the screen to edit the profile. Change it to your name, and add in your information.

2. Turn on your camera and microphone by clicking the camera and microphone buttons

3. Find a group and go say hi!

4. When you are done, change the name back to 'In Person Network Booth' and remove your information by clicking the profile icon from step 1

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