Options for Sponsor and Branding Placement

There are a few ways to add creative flair to Virtual United events.

This document outlines a few ways. For full details and to see these features in action contact our team.

This document is organized chronologically, in order of when attendees come in contact with event materials.

  1. Event Promotion. When you promote your event you can utilize graphics from Virtual United with your brand materials. This is pretty straightforward to expert event organizers. For those of you getting started - consider creating an event image with a your sponsors and your branding, and adding in a Virtual United logo. You can see examples for how events have been promoted with our branding at these example posts. 1 2 3

  2. Event Landing Page

  3. Depending on your subscription with Virtual United - we can build you a custom event landing page. For example see 1 2 3 In each of these examples we balanced requests from the organizer with our own suggestions.

  4. Event Welcome Video

  5. When attendees enter the event they will be displayed a welcome video. Some attendees will not watch the video, but if you make it short and appealing they will.

  6. See examples 1 2 3

  7. Use Screen Sharing to Bring Branding With You

  8. By Screen Sharing you can always have a view of your logo and design with you. To see what this looks like, you can view this video at 3:56 to see what presentation mode looks like and how you can bring this screen with you.

  9. Coming Soon: More In-app sponsor branding. This post was made May 2021 - contact us if you want more details on what is currently available.

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