Organizer Features

Pre Event Setup and Planning

Event Setup and Editing

The organizer event creation portal allows you to create, edit and delete events you are hosting at any time. After initial set up you can access this portal at

For initial setup and first time instructions see Host an Event on Virtual United.

Event Announcement

Make sure to share the joining information elaborated on in 'Sharing with Your Community' at this link. This information can also be shared on an Event Landing Page.

For copy templates and examples of how other attendees have announced Virtual United visit here.

Set Up Organizer Video

When attendees first join an event they will see a video. We recommend shooting a welcome to your attendees, presenting the event agenda and highlighting event sponsors.

Here are examples of effective organizer videos Social Mixer, Startup Networking Event, Short VU Intro.

For a guide on effective tools and resources to record your video view Video Creation Guide.

When setting up the event, paste the source link to this video in the ‘Presentation URL’ field to set it up to be viewed when attendees enter. (Vimeo and 'Private Videos' on Youtube both work great to host videos. Simply past the link to the video in the field).

Event Landing Page

We are happy to build you a complimentary Event Landing page to clearly communicate joining information to attendees, and display branding and sponsor information (Example here). Contact our team if you would like one of these built for your organization.

Event Registration

When you create an event on Virtual United you will receive an 'Event URL' this URL is all that attendees need to be able to join the event. We recommend using Eventbrite and/or LinkedIn Events.

Make sure to share joining instructions with your attendees:

  1. Use a computer

  2. Close Zoom Google Meets Microsoft Teams and other video apps

  3. Open Chrome

  4. Go to Event URL

  5. Contact Live Support with issues

*Why do we have these instructions? VU is not supported on Mobile. On Windows 10 the camera configuration does not support perfectly multiple streams, and other video apps will 'steal' the video if not closed. Internet Explorer, Safari, and Edge have intricacies that sometimes cause issues, we tell users to use Google Chrome for consistency and guaranteed success. Firefox is also supported.

We have templates for reminder emails and event best practices available at request.

Easy Follow-Up

A popular feature that we have hosted at events on Virtual United is the 'Easy Follow-Up'.

  1. During event registration ask attendees "Do you want to Opt-In to Easy Follow-Up? If you answer yes your Name and Email Address will be shared with other event attendees after the event."

  2. After the event send an email to all attendees with a csv containing information for attendees who chose to opt-in.

In Event Features


Announcements pop up and display prominently to catch attendee's attention.

They are best utilized for:

Event Activities

  • Instruct attendees to switch tables and find a new conversation

  • Welcome attendees and tell them to put there information in the everyone channel

  • Encourage attendees to put the referrals they are looking for in the chat so people can find them

  • Tell attendees to add a themed emoji to their name to indicate their interests

Call-To Actions

  • Instruct attendees to sign up for the next event

  • Display your promotional material and encourage users to visit your site

  • End the event

Watch video that shows Announcements and how to send them as an organizer.

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