Host an Event on Virtual United

How to Set Up Event

  • Receive authorization to set up a trial event from Virtual United team.

  • Follow our Event Creation Guide.

  • Contact Virtual United team for authorization if you want to host more than one trial event. We limit to one public-facing event, internal experimentation is welcomed.

Invite Others and Share

  • Simple invitation for colleagues

Give them the Event URL and instruct them to use a computer(no mobile or tablets), close other video streaming apps and to use Google Chrome. We recommend mentioning this in steps (1. Use a computer 2. Close Zoom Google Meets Microsoft Teams and other video apps 3. Open Chrome 4. Go to Event URL 5. Contact Support).

  • Sharing with your community

Communicate joining information below via text or an event landing page(ex.), view resources for event registration.

Event Joining information:

1. Use a computer

2. Close Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams and other video apps

3. Open Chrome

4. Go to Event URL

5. Contact Support

For copy templates and examples of how other attendees have announced Virtual United visit here. For more information on sharing with your community visit Best Practices & Event Setup on Virtual United.

Features to Trial

Organizer Presentation


Easy Connections with Profiles


For more information on these features and more view Organizer Features and Attendee Feature Walkthrough

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