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​If you are seeing a white screen when clicking the joining link:

  • Ensure that you quit Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets and other video streaming applications

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox on a desktop or laptop computer, do not use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Microsoft Edge

  • Ensure that your browser has access to your camera(MacOSWindows 10)

  • Clear your site cookies. You only need to remove cookies from

  • Refresh the page

  • If you have a custom configuration on your firewall please use a personal computer

If you are seeing the room but unable to join/others are unable to see you(this means your camera configuration is not working):

  • Ensure that you have allowed camera permissions in Google Chrome

  • Go to settings in the upper right and try again with a new camera by cycling through your options

  • If you have an external camera, try unplugging the camera and using your built-in camera

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