Transcend Poster Night

Visit presenters and learn about exciting new projects

Event Agenda

Come stop by tables for presenters to learn about what they are working on and hear their story.

When you join, find presenters by looking for the 🌟 next to their name.

Join their conversation to speak face to face or listen in.

If you have any questions find the event organizers by looking for 🐙.

Startup Showcase.jpeg

How to Join

No download is needed. You will need to be using a computer (no mobile devices or tablets).


  1. Close Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meets and other video streaming apps

  2. Open Google Chrome

  3. Click(or copy paste to Chrome)

*the same as the above link

If you have any difficulties call live support at +1(608) 473-1246 or go to

More information available at the support link above. Live support is standing by to ensure success.

What's this event platform and how does it work?

Virtual United is an open space for you to interact freely with others supercharged with features to save you time and boost your ability to form strong connections.

What sets this platform apart is a focus on free movement between small group conversations.

Choose a conversation and spend your time face-to-face with an engaged group. You can keep an eye on the rest of the event to see what's going on and who has arrived.

Quick Introduction to Virtual United

Walkthrough of Features


Message from Transcend

This event is being hosted on Virtual United! Learn more about how we're revolutionizing virtual networking here

Mobile devices are not supported at this time.