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Come Enjoy Incredible Wine and Enter to Win!

​Everyone who joins in the tasting will receive $15 towards their next wine purchase. All participants will receive an entry to win a free bottle of wine! Raffle will take place during the event.

Event details:

At the beginning of the event there will be a presentation about the different wines. Afterwards, we will break into small groups for open conversations and will move around similar to how we would move around between tables at an in-person event.

At the end of the event, we will gather as a group and draw the raffle for the winner of the free bottle of wine!

More details:

This event is hosted virtually on Virtual United. If this is your first time attending an event on Virtual United please read the "How to Join" information below and feel free to watch the videos to get familiar with how the platform works. You will have to sign in with Google or create an account when you first join.

If you have any tech difficulties while joining live support will be standing by to help make sure you can enter the event easily.

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Hosted by

Ann Marie Haflich of Scout & Cellar.

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  2. Open Google Chrome.

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Call: +1(608) 473-1246

Visit: virtualunited.events/support

This event is being hosted online on Virtual United

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